It’s grilling time!! Are you still using propane?  Tired of running out to fill the propane tank?  It’s especially a hassle when you are in the middle of cooking and the tank runs out.  Don’t waste time or gas driving to fill up your propane tanks. Have Lenox Plumbing run a natural gas line to your grill and never run out of gas again!!

Here are three reasons why everyone should run a natural gas line to their grill:

Convenience - Natural gas grills are extremely convenient because you will never run out of gas mid-grilling. You will have an endless supply of fuel to cook all the food you’d like. With a propane supply, running your BBQ on high will consume a 20 lb tank in approximately 7 hours!!

Cost- It is more economical to run your grill on Natural Gas as opposed to Propane. If you have a 40,000 BTU grill with average use around 80 hours, you’ll spend roughly $34 on natural gas as opposed to $144 in propane!

Green advantage - natural gas burns much cleaner than propane.  Burning natural gas is better for the environment producing much less exhaust!!

If you are thinking about making the switch, call Lenox Plumbing and we can answer all of your questions! Most propane grills have conversion kits that allow you to switch to a natural gas line. Check with the manufacturer to find out if your current grill can switch over to natural gas. 

Lenox recently installed gas grill lines in Plymouth, Northville, Milford and South Lyon.  Call Lenox Plumbing and make the switch!

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