Fall is in the air and Lenox Plumbing just installed an instant hot in South Lyon, Michigan.   Are you getting ready to cozy up next to the fire place with a nice hot cup of cocoa? Sit by the bonfire with a hot cup of tea?  Watch a football game with a hot cup of coffee?  Call Lenox Plumbing about having an instant-hot water dispenser installed on your existing kitchen sink.

Instant-hot water dispenser are the epitome of convenience!!    Hot water fixutreThey allow you to fill up an entire cup of pipping hot water in a matter of seconds!

Instant hot faucets accelerate all kinds of tasks; preparing hot drinks, soups, gelatin,  sauces, and cereals; thawing juices; pre-heating water for cooking; warming baby bottles; even melting wax or purging berry stains from clothing!

Instant hot-water dispensers are placed on your existing kitchen sink fixture and dispense instant hot water with the simple push of a button.  Instant hot water faucets have a variety of optional features and come in various styles to meet your needs.

Whether you live in Plymouth, Northville, Canton, Livonia, Ann Arbor or South Lyon warming up in an instant with a cup of hot coca using your new instant-hot water dispenser is a great way to spend a cool evening this fall!  Call Lenox Plumbing for more details!! 734-787-6185.  

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