In the past 3 weeks we have replaced over a half dozen shut off values in Northville and Livonia Michigan!!  Do you know where your shut off valve is? Is it working properly? If you’re unsure, this is a must read for you!!!!!!

Most ‘newer’ homes have shut off valves installed on the hot and cold water supply lines running to the bathrooms, kitchens, etc.  A shut off valve allows you to turn the water supply off to that individual tap while leaving the rest of the water in your home on.  If you live in an older home you likely have one shut off valve that controls the entire house.  Knowing where your shut off valve is and making sure that it works properly is extremely important.  The last thing you want to do is wait until you have a home emergency to try and find your water shutoff. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the valves can help you avoid a disaster later.   It could also cost you thousands if you realize your shut off valve is not working during a plumbing emergency. 

There are several reasons why you should be able to locate and use your water shut off valve:

Precautions:  If there is a chance you’ll be away from your house for an extended period of time (or even a short weekend) during the winter months you need to know where this value is!!  There is always a risk of pipes freezing during the cold weather months.  Being able to shut off the main water supply could save you thousands if this were to happen!

 Emergencies:  If you suddenly have a major leak ,you need to know how to shut off the water to prevent serious water damage. 

Upgrades: If you are going to repair or modify any plumbing in your house you may need to shut off the water before starting. ALWAYS make sure your shut off valve is working properly before starting any plumbing renovations!

Knowing where your shut off valve is and making sure it is working, is a must!!!!  Call Lenox Plumbing and we can help you locate your shut off valve and/or make sure it’s working properly.  734.787.6185

Lenox Plumbing Shut Off Water Valve

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