Fall & Winter Plumbing Tips for Outside your House

  • Keep your gutters free from leaves and debris – if they get clogged it can create drainage problems. Rain water can overflow over the gutters and land on the ground around your house and then it is more likely to seep into your foundation, basement or crawl space.
  • Unhook outdoor hoses, drain with gravity, and store in your garage, or someplace that does not go below freezing temperatures. This will prevent your hoses from cracking. When spring arrives you won’t have to buy new ones to replace the ones that did not survive winter.
  • Get your sewer line cleaned and snaked.

Fall & Winter Plumbing Tips for Inside your House

  • Insulate your pipes so that they are less likely to freeze. Check for the most susceptible areas to address. A frozen pipe means no water flow. If it is accessible, you can then attempt to thaw it with applied heat – but the increased mass of the internal ice could have caused a leak and create more than just a slight inconvenience.
  • Know where your main water valve is, and how to shut it off. In the event that a pipe bursts, knowing how to shut off the water could save you thousands of dollars. Also, it is wise not to just keep this info to yourself. Give a tour of the basement to your significant other, an older child or a trusted neighbor and draw a little basement map with emergency instructions. If you are away when something bad and unexpected happens with your plumbing, you don’t want someone uninformed to enter your basement with water spraying everywhere – and not know where to immediately go to shut off the main water valve.

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