Do you have frost free hosebibs??  We serviced many homes this past spring where older style hosebibs were to blame for frozen pipes and water damage.  A frost free hosebib is similar to traditional hosebib but it is designed to present pipe damage and can withstand water freezing in the line.  With a winter like we experienced last year, a frost free hosebib is a must!!

Lenox Plumbing is currently offering an OUTSTANDING deal on replacing your traditional hosebib with a frost free hosebib. 


Frost Free hose bib replacement – $187

Each Additional Hose Bib – $136



Want to fill up the kiddie pool with warm water this summer??  We have an even better option for you!! Have a  hot/cold water outdoor hose bib for only $374!!  Use your frost free hot/cold hose bib to fill the pool, wash the window of your house, wash your car, clean the dog, and more! 

 Hot/Cold hose bib – $374

Call Lenox Plumbing or set up your online appointment today!!  734.787.6185.    

*Promotion cannot be combined with other offers.  This price is only valid for replacing existing hose bib.  Additional charge for adding a new line.  Offer expires on December 31, 2014.

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