Got Trees?  Lenox Plumbing Can Help Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly!

Do you live in Livonia, South Lyon, Northville, Ann Arbor or any Metro Detroit city where large trees fill your yard? Having large beautiful trees is a great enhancement to landscaping but can be a potential problem below ground for your drains.  As trees and plants mature, roots seek moisture underground and often find moisture by invading your drains. These roots can restrict flow in your drain line eventually destroying your sewer or septic tank which could become very costly.   Having your drains snaked yearly is an easy and relativity inexpensive way to keep your pipes running smoothly. 

Have you considered having a RootX treatment? Lenox Plumbing can come out to your house and run RootX into your drains which kills roots and applies a barrier to the pipe wall to prevent future root growth.  RootX sticks to the pipe walls, preventing re-growth for up to three years. Dead roots decay over time, restoring pipes to their full capacity.After applying RootX we will make a return trip to your house within 4-6 weeks to clear out the dead roots and debris.  

Call us if you have questions as to whether your drains would benefit from a RootX treatment!! 734.787.6185. Click here to set up an online appointment!! 

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