Have a clogged toilet?  Backed up kitchen drain? Slow running toilet? Over the past week we’ve unclogged drains in Livonia, Southfiled, Canton, Farmington Hills and South Lyon.  The most important thing to know when trying to fix a clogged drain yourself is that you should NOT use any toxic chemicals in your plumbing system.  These chemicals claim that they won’t cause damage to your plumbing system but we’ve seen many occasions where the liquid drain cleaner does irreversible damage to pipes and toilets. Liquid drain cleaner can eat away at the wax ring in your toilet and can corrode pipes if it sits in the drain line too long. So what do you do? 


1. Use a QUALITY plunger.  It’s a good investment to buy a quality plunger from a hardware store. While cheap plungers can do the trick, a quality plunger can help even more.  A plunger is a handier tool than many people realize.  If your bathroom tub is backed, fill the tub with a few inches of water, open the drain and plunge. This can sometimes dislodge hair that is clogged in the line.  The same goes for kitchen sinks, and (of course) toilets!  

2. Try pouring a large pot of boiling water down the drain.  This can sometimes dislodge hair or dirt that can clog the line.

3. Pour one cup baking soda and then one cup vinegar down the drain.  Stand back because it can spray all over the place depending on the location of the clog.  We suggest pouring very slowly.  Wait about 10 minutes then follow with a few cups of boiling water.  Doing this once a month can clear the line and prevent future clogs and it’s environmentally safe!

4. Try using Bio clean.  It is a very safe product that you can order online.  We’ve found that it works great at getting through the toughest drains.  It is safe on septic systems and environmentally friendly.

5. Call a plumber. We can safely snake the line and clear the drain or remove a toilet to dislodge items. 

To prevent clogs,  use lint traps in drain lines, clean out hair daily, never pour hot grease down drains, keep the bathroom door closed if you have kids so toys don’t get thrown down the drain.  

If you have questions about clearing a clogged drain or need help, call or set up an appointment online with Lenox Plumbing.


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