At Lenox Plumbing we are  experts at helping you fix any and all plumbing problems!!  In this blog you’ll find the most common reasons your toilet may not be working correctly. If these quick fixes don’t work or you are still having trouble, give us a call!!

Clogged Toilet

The most common reason why a toilet is not flushing is that it is clogged.  A toilet will often overflow or not flush properly if it is clogged. One of the best ways to fix a clogged toilet is to use a plunger.  Here are some tips for properly plunging a clog:

  • Use a well constructed plunger — cheap plungers usually won’t do the job!

  • Place the plunger directly over the hole in the bowl.

  • Start with slower, smaller plunges directly downward.

  • Tray a few more plunges before removing the plunger to see it if has worked.  If the water drains and then refills, you fixed the problem!!

  • If the toilet is not draining or you just can’t clear the clog, you may need to give us a call to snake the line or remove the toilet.

  • DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clear the drain. These often cause damage to the pipes!

To avoid clogs in the future only flush toilet paper and don’t flush anything (including feminine hygiene products, kleenex, and “flushable” wipes) and make sure your kids understand that they shouldn’t put anything in the toilet other than toilet paper.

Low Water Level

If you notice that the water level in the toilet bowl is lower than normal, there area couple of easy things to try before calling a plumber.  First, make sure the water valve was not turned down or turned off.  The valve is usually near the floor and has a hose that connects to the toilet. Try turning the valve and flushing the toilet to see if it has been turned. If this doesn’t fix the problem, give us a call and we can figure out what is going on.

Is your Toilet Running?

If you notice your toilet is constantly running or making a draining noise, you may need to replace the flush valve. This valve is a rubber piece at the bottom of your toilet tank.  It is designed to create a watertight seal so that the tank fills correctly.  If the seal is not working correctly, it can cause leaks and lots of wasted water!!

Is the Lift Chain Connected?

If you go to flush your toilet and feel like the handle is loose and the toilet doesn’t flush, you likely need to check the to see if the chain inside the tank has been disconnected.  Open the tank and check the chain.  If the chain is at the bottom of the tank, simply reconnect the handle.  If there is still an issue, give us a  call.

If you continue to have a problem or need help with any of the above issues, give Lenox Plumbing  call and we can come take a look.  You can always set up an appointment online!!

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