BRRRRR!! It’s cold outside!  Lenox Plumbing wants to remind you to keep an eye on your plumbing during these frigid temperatures! When temps drop below freezing it’s very common for plumbing problems to occur.  

  • If you notice your water pressure seems unusually low, act quickly and call a professional.  There may be restricted water flow due to freezing in the pipes.
  • Make sure your garden hose is disconnected and outside water lines are drained.
  •  Keep your home temperature above 55 degrees and be sure to heat your entire house. This will allow warm air to circulate within your house thus preventing pipes from freezing.  You can also open cabinet doors under sinks and faucet near exterior walls to help keep these areas warmer.
  • If you notice that your water is not getting hot, check on your water heater! Standard water heaters have to work extra hard to heat up extremely cold ground water.  

As always, give Lenox Plumbing a call if you have any concerns during these cold winter nights!! 734.787.6185. We are available 24 hours a day! Remember, we won’t charge you extra for night and weekend emergencies!

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