Have a clogged sewer drain?  Camera inspection is an effective and efficient way to detect problems in your drain or sewer lines.  Camera inspection also allows us to determine the overall condition of the pipes in your home.  Having a camera inspection preformed allows our plumbers to find problems such as leaks, blockages, breaks in lines, and obstructions.  The benefit of having a camera inspection preformed is that we can detect exactly where the problem is and fix it with minimal amount of excavation or damage to drywall.  Lenox Plumbing has years of experience performing camera inspections with state of the art equipment. 

Reasons for having a camera inspection done:

  • Thinking of buying a new home?  Home inspections do not generally inspect your mailline through camera inspection.  In older homes, it is important to have your main line checked for breaks or blockages.  This can save you thousands by locating potential problems.  We can record the inspection onto a DVD for you to view and verify a clear drain (or potential problem!).
  • Got trees?  If you have large trees in your yard and running a snake through the line is not fixing the problem, have your drains camera inspected to determine exactly where the tree roots are causing problems. Lenox can fix with a minimal amount of excavation and/or damage to drywall.
  • If you’re having reoccurtn drain issues there may be a more serious issue causing problems in your drains.  Have Lenox run a camera through your drain to determine exactly what is going on.

Save time and money by having Lenox inspect your drains using a camera inspection.  Call Lenox Plumbing to schedule your camera inspection! 734-787-6185

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