We just had a call from Canton, Michigan wondering if we could move a basement drain that is surrounded by concrete.  If your inquiry involves a drain, water, or leak…..we can almost always make it happen.  We often have people call us asking us if we are able to do specific things.  Lenox Plumbing is a full service plumbing company that can take care of all of your plumbing needs.  Take a look at the list below of some of the (MANY!!!) things Lenox Plumbing can do for you: 

  • Gas lines of any kind – fire pits, BBQ grills, indoor fireplace, dryer, range, and more!
  • Drain lines of all kinds – sinks, toilets, basement mainline, laundry tub, and more!
  • Moving drains, adding drains, rearranging drains, etc. 
  • Gas Leak detection
  • Outdoor water faucet, hot/cold hosebibs.
  • Dishwasher and refrigerator hook up
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Bathroom additions, remodel and renovations
  • Water powered back up sump pumps
  • Washer and dryer lines
  • Water softener installation
  • Water purification systems
  • Water filter and ice maker hookups
  • Drain tree root removal and maintenance
  • Instant hot water installation
  • Code violation updates
  • Flooding or access water in any area of your home

If there are pipes involved, call us!! If there is a leak involved, call us!  If there is water involved, call us!  We will happily answer any of your questions, free of charge! As always, we offer free estimates and we won’t charge you extra for night, weekend or holiday emergencies!! Give us a call and see what separates us from our competitors.  734.787.6185

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