Interested to  know the top 10 things that Lenox Plumbers want (or have) in their home?!  Check out our list below:  

10.  Outdoor gas barbeque line!  Never run out of propane again by having a gas line ran to your BBQ grill.  You can purchase an attachment for most grills to hook up a gas line and get rid of your propane tank!

9.  Gas Fire Place! Tired of going outside into the cold to get firewood for your fireplace?  Have a gas line ran to your fireplace so you can easily light up a fire on a cold winter night. 

8.  Instant hot water fixture.  With the touch of a button you can have a cup of tea in seconds!! Have an instant hot water fixture installed to your kitchen sink and never worry about boiling a pot of water again!   

Hot/Cold Hosebib

7.  The ultimate custom shower!!  Wake up every morning to a luxurious shower by having body sprayers installed in your shower. 

6.  Extra Bathroom! Tired of sharing a bathroom with your entire household! Have an extra bathroom added to your basement. 

5.  The Ultimate Toilet! There are hundreds of toilets to choose from but many Plumbers have their favorites.  We happen to love high efficiency, comfort height toilets with soft close seats. There are many brands to choose from and a variety of styles and colors. 

4.  Pull out sprayer faucetfor your kitchen sink!!  Easily rinse out your sink basin, rinse vegetables, and fill a pot of water for your coffee maker with a pull out sprayer faucet! 

Tankless water Heater

3.  Hot/Cold Outdoor Faucet.  Wash your windows, wash the dog, fill up the kiddie pool or wash your car with a frost free hot/cold outdoor hosebib!!   

Sprayer Faucet

2.  Water Powered Back-up Sump Pump!! Never have water in your basement again due to a failed sump pump or power outage! Water powered sump pumps run on water… genius!!! If you have a finished basement or are thinking about finishing your basement, a water powered back-up sump pump is a must!

1.  Tankless water heater!!  Endless hot water.  Lower Gas Bill.  Enough said!

Interested in any of the above items?? Lenox Plumbers can do them all!! Call for Details….734.787.6185                                                  














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