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This week In Canton, Michigan we ran a gas line to a new kitchen range.  In South Lyon, Michigan we added a gas line to an outdoor gas fireplace.  In Novi,Michigan we ran a gas line to a new dryer.  Gas line installation is something we do at Lenox Plumbing almost every day!  While gas companies are responsible for running gas lines in your neighborhood, you need a plumber to install gas lines directly into your home.  Lenox Plumbing can install gas piping all around your home for heat, hot water, range, outdoor barbecue grill, outdoor fireplace, gas dryer, indoor fireplace and more‼


Suspect a gas leak?  We can fix that too‼ Unlike a leaky faucet, a gas leak cannot be put off.  It’s something that needs to be resolved quickly and immediately. Our plumbers can detect and repair most gas leaks. 


Whether it is a major repair, gas line install for a new stove or outdoor barbecue grill, Lenox Plumbing can handle all of your gas piping needs‼ Set up an appointment online or call to schedule – 734.787.6185.  Have questions about gas piping, give us a call!!

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