Summer is officially here!! Bring on the sunshine and barbecues! Many preventable plumbing issues can arise in the summer.  Here are a few tips to help keep your summer plumbing running smoothly!  


1.  Garbage Disposals.  Having a graduation party or summer barbecue?  Be mindful of what you toss into your disposal. Avoid putting potato peels, watermelon, corn, and other hard fruit and vegetables down the drain. Stringy, fibrous foods can also pose a problem along with oils and grease.  It’s a good idea to run cold water through your disposal before and after clearing it out. Throw in a few drops of lemon juice and ice cubes to maintain and clean the blades.


 2.  Dirty Clothes.  Lots of swimming, running through the sprinkler, and frequent trips to the beach! All of this means your washing machine may be working overtime. Check your washing machine hose for leaks, bulges or cracks. Make sure your machine is at least 4-6 inches away from the wall to prevent the hose from kinking. 


 3.  Clogged Toilets.  Toilets are often used more frequently in the summertime.  Be sure to talk with children about using an appropriate amount of toilet paper and not flushing anything other than toilet paper down the drain. Simple clogs are usually easy to clear with a plunger, but large clogs or toys in the drain often result in needing a professional. 


 4.  Tree Roots. Have large trees in your yard? Those tree roots are often in search of underground water during the hot, summer months. Unfortunately, tree roots often cause problems for underground drains. Our suggestion would be to service your sewers before the summer months to avoid drain problems.  If you notice signs of sewer trouble – such as a toilet backing up into the bathtub drain… give us a call and we can come out and inspect the drains.


5. Leaky Hose Faucet.  When using your outdoor water faucet, be sure to check for leaks.  A small leak can be very costly. A leaky hose faucet can cause issues with your foundation and siding creating even bigger issues down the road.  


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