Need more space for storage?  One of the reasons people decide to go “tankless” is to add extra storage space to their house.  A tankless water heater is generally the size of a small suitcase and gives you more floor space than a traditional tank water heater.  A tankless water heater also gives you an endless supply of hot water and saves you money on your gas bill!  Go Green and Go Tankless!

Below is a picture of a Tankless water heater Job that Lenox Plumbing did in South Lyon, Michigan.  Notice the additional added storage space after removing the traditional tank water heaters and adding a tankless water heater.  

Traditional Hot Water Tank – BEFORE

New Tankless Water Heater – AFTER








Call Lenox Plumbing today and we will give you a no obligation, free estimate on a tankless water heater.  Lenox Plumbing is also part of the Energy Star rebate program so you may qualify for a rebate once we install your tankless water heater.  Call Lenox Plumbing for details!

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