How is your water heater holding up?  Have you been thinking about replacing your water heater? Can you imagine waking up to take a hot shower only to realize your tank isn’t working!?!?  On average, water heating is the third largest expense in your home usually accounting for about 10% of your utility bill.  An older water heater can cost you even more depending on its efficiently rating.  Most traditional tank water heaters have a life expectancy of about 10-12 years.  If you’re not sure how old your water heater is you can usually find the manufacture date as the last two digits of the heater’s serial number. If your water heater is showing any signs of leaking or rust, it may be time to look into a replacement.  If your water heater is not producing enough hot water or making unusual sounds it may also be time to replace your tank.  

It’s getting COLD outside!  As the weather has gotten colder, we’ve been busier replacing water heaters.  In the winter months water heaters have to work harder to keep up with heating cooler water.  Lenox Plumbing is currently offering outstanding prices on 40 and 50 gallon water heaters.  Check out our promotional page for more information!!  

  • Traditional 40 gallon standard height gas water heater — installed starting at $776!!
  • Traditional 50 gallon standard height gas water heater — installed starting at $826!!

Go green and save green with our tankless water heater special! Have a tankless water heater installed starting at $2650!!!

This outstanding offer includes labor, material and code updates. This price does not include chimney liner. This limited time offer ends January 31, 2014.  This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.  Call Lenox Plumbing or schedule your appointment online.  734.767.6185

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