Proflo Sump Pump

You have heard talk about sump pumps but aren’t sure what they are.  Lenox Plumbing has your answer!  A sump pump is a pump that is placed in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace and used to pump out water.  Its job is to remove water from outside your home to prevent it from coming in.  A sump pump is needed if your home’s basement is below the water table level or if you live in a place where flooding is common.   If you have ever had a moist basement, water problems or any sign of water damage in your basement then you should definitely consider getting a sump pump installed.  It can help prevent thousands of dollars in damage caused by flooding. 


Guardian Water Powered Back-up Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump installed, do not assume that it will always do its job effectively.  It’s essential that you are regularly checking the sump pump to ensure that it’s working properly.  A sump pump generally lasts for 8-10 years.  During a server storm, a power outage is common and can cause your pump to stop working.  The sump pump that usually protects your home from water damage may stop working, which could cause major flooding.  To eliminate the worry about power outages we have a solution for you. Have water powered back up sump pump installed!  Once installed, it will automatically kick on if your sump pump fails. It’s powered by water so there is not need to worry about the power going out.  It will give you peace of mind and is definitely something you should consider if you have a finished basement.



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