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Plumbing Tips that Will Save you Money!!

Plumbing Tips that Will Save you Money!!

Planning to do some home remodeling? There are many home improvements you can make that will not only improve your home value but will also save you money! Check out our list of 4 money saving upgrades!!

Is Your Toilet Working Correctly?

Is Your Toilet Working Correctly?

At Lenox Plumbing we are experts at helping you fix any and all plumbing problems!! In this blog you’ll find the most common reasons your toilet may not be working correctly. If these quick fixes don't work or you are still having trouble, give us a call!!

Plumbing Tips for This Wacky Weather!

Plumbing Tips for This Wacky Weather!

Michigan weather has been ever changing! Make sure you are checking your sump pump and basements regularly for any standing water. Also, check your outside discharge line and keep it clear of any debris.

Plumbing Tips for Extreme Temperatures!!

BRRRRR!! It’s cold outside! We've recently replaced many water heaters and frozen pipes in the Metro Detroit area. Lenox Plumbing wants to remind you to keep an eye on your plumbing during these frigid temperatures! When temps drop below freezing it’s very common for plumbing problems to occur.

Do you know about backflow prevention?

Did you know we are certified to do back flow testing?  We can also install required valves to protect against back flow in your water system.  In addition, many local towns require yearly testing.  We can do that for you!…

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