Both Chris and Mike have been out to our home for both emergency situations and routine plumbing problems. Whether it’s installing a backup sump pump system, new water heater installation, or just simpler plumbing issues around the house, the guys at Lenox Plumbing do amazing work with at extremely reasonable costs. I recommend Lenox Plumbing services (and will continue to do so) to anyone and everyone I know. You can’t go wrong with Lenox Plumbing! - Matt and PamCanton

 Chris from Lenox Plumbing came recommended when we needed fast service for a toilet leak that was slowly dripping through the ceiling to the first floor.  Chris quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed the leak. His fast response helped minimize any drywall damage.  He did a great job, very knowledgable, efficient, friendly, and neat.  Chris exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend him and Lenox Plumbing if you need any plumbing services. – Janet, Metro Detroit

Chris and Mike, did an amazing job for us.  The where very nice, respectfull and very easy to work with. The service went above and beyond our expectations.Prices are very reasonable for quality work. Get it done right, call Chris and Mike. – Cherl, Northville

Chris and Lenox Plumbing came highly recommended, and they performed exceptional work. Chris and his business partner were not only very skilled, but prompt, courteous, and fair. They did a lot of work for us, and definitely exceeded expectations. Throughout the process Chris was highly responsive, timely and very personable. He did everything he said he would do and more. If you are in need of plumbing services, don’t hesitate to hire Chris and Lenox Plumbing. ~ BradBloomfield Hills

Chris & Mike did a major sewer replacement& old water pipe replacement in a crawl space. They did a great job.  I am  a jack of all trades and know plumbing well,was very happy. ~ Rich and GailYipsilanti, Michigan

I found a flood under my kitchen sink and called Lenox plumbing in a panic. Chris was here right away and fixed the problem in less than 30 min! My kitchen was dry and clean before he left. I’d recommend Lenox Plumbing to anyone!  ~Emma Kelley, Plymouth, Michigan


Our kitchen sink plumbing plugged up one evening during the week. It was late and my husband tried everything he knew to do, to get it unplugged but to no avail. We called Lenox Plumbing and within 2 hours they were at our house and fixed our drain and all at a very reasonable cost! We could not have been happier with the service and cost of repair. We’ve told everyone about this company! Thank you, Lenox for your prompt, awesome service!!  ~ The Evans Family, South Lyon, Michigan


Just wanted to write to let people know that if they need plumbing done, they should call Lenox Plumbing. Chris and Mike do great work and are up front and honest and do an incredible job.  You don’t have to worry when they are doing a job for you. Chris removed our old toilets and now we have high efficiency ones that never get clogged.  Thanks for a great job.  ~Richard, Milford, Michigan

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I have used Lenox Plumbing several times this past year. Earlier this year our home needed a new hot water heater. Chris got back with us right away with a great price and a date when he could perform the work. The work was performed quickly and the furnace room was left cleaner than when they started.In mid-summer we purchased a gas dryer and needed Lenox to run a gas line to the laundry room. This experience was just as great as the first. Quality plumbing service for a really good price. I highly recommend Lenox Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.   ~Paul, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lenox plumbing did a fantastic job! They installed a tankless water heater and a back up sump pump. They were very knowledgeable and honest. What I really like is they took my old hot water heater away and not left at the curbside. I highly recommend these guys for your plumbing needs for sure!!. ~ Reynaldo , Canton, Michigan

Mike was terrific in everything he did for us, and didn’t treat us like the “dumb old ladies” we are!  He was very professional and friendly in everything he did.  Our “jobs” were mostly just small things, but he didn’t hesitate to help us out.  Hopefully we’ll never need him here on a big job, but if it were to happen, he’s the one we’d call.  ~Toni, Taylor, Michigan

Having two young children, we are always cautious about allowing people into our home.  When we had a problem with our water softener, Mike came out to our home and right away put us at ease.  He was professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  He completed the work for a fair price.  We were very happy with the service we received from Lenox.~Michelle and Scott Hartland Township, Michigan

When I first called Lenox Plumbling, I didn’t know what to expect. But, when Chris and Mike arrived, they quickly showed me that I had made the right decision. They listened to me and they made suggestions that I hadn’t even considered. Bottom-line, I couldn’t be happier. Reasonably priced, good, honest , and hard working. What more could you ask for? I recommend Lenox Plumbing to all my friends! ~Bob KuszynskiPlymouth, Michigan

Wow.. Couldn’t be happier with my new hot water tank that Lenox installed.. great quick service and price. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.  ~ BrettBrighton, Michigan

Thank you sooooo much to Mike Smothers of Lenox Plumbing for giving me hot water again!!! You don’t realize how much you use/need something until you can’t use it/don’t have it. Thanks again Mike!!!!!!! I will definitely tell my friends and family about Lenox!! -Cora, Canton, Michigan

We used Lenox Plumbing on three occasions: to repair a gas line, hook up a washer and dryer, and to install two toilets. Each time we were very happy with their workmanship and competitive pricing. We will definitely use them again if the need arises.  ~Jennifer and Curtis , Plymouth, Michigan

I have an older home and an even older husband who is, well, let’s just say “mechanically challenged.”  Over the last few years Chris and Mike of Lenox Plumbing have, among other things, replaced my dishwasher, garbage disposal and shower fixtures, including the interior wall lines.  A few weeks ago Chris came out to unplug my bathroom sink which I was unable to clear out with drain cleaner. They are fast, fair, courteous and do great work!  I regularly recommended wholeheartedly LENOX PLUMBING to all of my family, friends and coworkers.  (I look forward to my hot water tank crashing so that I can hire Mike and Chris to install a new tankless hot water heater.) ~Johnson Family, Farmington, Michigan

We’ve used Lenox Plumbing on several occasions, ranging from replacing toilets and installing a pedestal sink to more emergency situations like backed up drains and leaking hot water tanks. They are professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Our ancient water heater sprung a leak last month. Mike came out the next day and installed a new one. The best part? He cleaned up afterward and hauled away the old tank! We’ve had several contractors in our home in the last couple of years and have often had a mess to clean at the end of the day. Not this time. If we hadn’t seen him in the driveway, we would never have known he was there. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for prompt, quality service. Thanks, Lenox! ~The Merollis Family, Livonia, Michigan


I’m the owner of a rental home in Allen Park and I live 4 1/2  hours from the home. The tenant of my rental home called because the water heater wasn’t working.  I  had heard about the guys at Lenox plumbing  so I gave them a call. What a great choice!!!   Mike and Chris took over and handled everything including making appointments with the tenant, fixing the problem and cleaning up the mess.  Did I mention this was a Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t charged extra!! Lenox plumbing are the guys to call.  I wonder if they would travel 4 1/4 hours to work on my own home? Bet they would!! ~ Sue Harper, East Jordan, Michigan


We had Lenox plumbing out for a simple valve replacement after the city had confirmed they had turned our water off at the street level. Our dedicated plumber, Mike, showed up on a Sunday morning to do the job. He confirmed with my husband that the water was off and went to work. Next thing, we hear him yelling for us. The city HAD NOT turn the water off and once Mike had cut the pipe he was supposed to, water was running everywhere in the basement! Mike was soaking wet because the water pressure was full bore and acted like a geyser. I will never forget Mike’s commitment to keep the water contained. He stood for 45 minutes holding a bucket over the geyser waiting for the city to return and really turn the water off. He was wet and freezing, but refused to give up his post.
If you need a plumber that you can trust to do the work when you need it done and stick with the job until it is complete and completed correctly, call Lenox Plumbing. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as my story proves. ~Cheryl Pozniak, Livonia, Michigan


Lenox plumbing did an outstanding job replacing my water heater earlier this week. Within hours of calling, the old split heater was changed out for a brand new heater. This is the second job that I have used Lenox plumbing and would recommend them without hesitation.~Rob, Plymouth, Michigan


As I was checking out online reviews for plumbers in the Plymouth, MI area, I came across Lenox Plumbing. The reviews were pretty solid so I called to set up an appointment. The issue I was having started off relatively tame so I made an appointment for five days down the road. Unfortunately, our “tame” issue became a horrible disaster two days before the appointment. I called back and asked if they could make it out that day and Chris made no hesitation in committing to getting me on the schedule one way or another. He was in and out with the problem solved in 50 minutes. The service was first-rate and you couldn’t ask for a more patient and informative person to handle such a frustrating task. I can assure you that the next time I need a plumber, I won’t need to spend an hour online fretting about rolling the dice with a plumber that I know nothing about. I’ll call Chris and Mike at Lenox with no reservations! ~ Jake, Westland, Michigan


The plumbers from Lenox were professional, courteous and flexible. They did an excellent job and I would recommend them to everyone in the future. ~ Adam, Plymouth, Michigan




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